“We could not recommend Your Place, Mel and the amazing teachers at this centre, enough. We were lucky enough to be able to start transitioning our son (2.5yr) before the lockdown, in fact he started his first official day, the same day were told told lockdown was happening. Mel and the teachers at this centre are so in tune with the children and what they need and require to feel safe and happy, it’s amazing. Archie is a sensitive wee man who has cried almost daily at drop offs ever since starting daycare, we tried everything so moving him was such a tough decision and I was definitely nervous. But we made the decision and committed. Mel had a transition programme in place for all the kids and at first it seemed daunting to have to work between two centre’s but I knew it was the best thing for Archie. It was the best thing we could have done. He was like a different kid. The first time I left, there was a few tears but nothing like the daily debarcle we were used to and then that was it! It was amazing, he didn’t cry at all, when I went to leave he would tell me he’d see me later and I was so happy I called my whole family as soon as I got in the car! We were devatasted when lockdown happened as he was doing so well, but we know as soon as things are open again, Archie will settle back into his routine and will love having some friends to play with. He talks about daycare and ‘Lizzy’ everytime we walk past and tells me he’s sad it’s closed. We are so excited to come back and continue the journey at Your Place!”

Sam Hookham

On the 30th December 2019, my family and I drove past the Your Place childcare site while it was still in the process of being built. Something inside me said that we had to stop and take the number that was on the board. We got home, and I immediately sent a text to Melanie. We arranged to meet and have a chat. When I met Melanie, I knew this was my dream job.

The first day I walked into Your Place, my entire world changed. I have met incredibly warm, kind and loving people. Today I have formed very special relationships and friendships with them.
With my whole family being back in South Africa, I have identified the You Place team as my family in NZ. As Your Place is a home away from home, my little boy Danny is beyond happy and the first words he says in the morning are “I want to go to my school”. This makes a mummy’s heart so happy, knowing that my child is so happy. It is just lovely to so how my colleagues/friends just adore and love Danny and how he has grown to trust them.

Melanie is an incredible manager, mentor and friend. She is always there if I want to have a chat and always trying her very best to keep everyone happy. It’s not every day that you see that your Manager cry with you in a meeting when you talk about things that mean a lot to you. She is a kind, loving and understanding person. Nothing is ever too much for her. I have learnt so much from her about life and how the CULTURE OF KINDNESS is the key to anything in life.

I wasn’t too familiar with the philosophy when I started, but with so much support, help and guidance, I have been able to learn so much about it. Your Place is a childcare where children always comes first. With the calm and relaxed environment and love and care that goes with it, it makes the center the amazing place that it is. I am so privileged to work in a newly built and beautiful center, and to have met the amazing people I work with.
Your Place has changed my outlook on life and how precious life is. I am so excited to be part of this family and to be able to experience how Your Place is going to be a HUGE SUCCESS.

As I reflect on Your Place, we are all from different cultures and we all have our own opinions, but by being KIND AND HAVING RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER we will continue to be an amazing team.

– Carla Penn Sawers (teacher)